Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disneyland fun..past & present
We had a great time a Disneyland this past week with Craig and Nicole, Kent, Stephanie, Taylor and Erik. Having grown up in So. Cal., I have always loved Disneyland. I remember when each ride had a different ticket value and it was hard sometimes to decide which ride to go on. Thank goodness that changed, I think we went on Buzz Lightyear 8 times. That was Taylor's favorite ride. We were there three days, but never seemed to make it over to Tom Sawyers Island, (aka Pirates Liar). Things seemed to be a little more commercialized but it was still a happy place to be with kids and now grand kids. I'm a good grandma to take, I don't like many of the rides so I can babysit! It is sometimes more fun to just people watch anyway.

This is 1965, I'm the one with the camera, the others are my brother and counsins

This is in 1984, before Scott was born, I know we took him to Disneyland, but can't find the pictures, isn't that how it is with the last child?

Here we are on at the Captian Eo show, Jack is sitting between Steve & I, that used to be one of my favorites, but Michael Jackson has fallen far and that 3-D show is now "Honey I shrunk the kids". It's 1985, Scott has been born but we left him with my mom.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When skiing is fun..or is it?

This past weekend we headed up to Lake Tahoe for some skiing. It has been a pretty dry winter and finding enough snow can be challenging. But due to recent storms in Northern California there was plenty (for me) up at Tahoe. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, sunny and somewhat warm (40). We had a lot of fun skiing between the Nevada side of Heavenly and the California. It was while we were skiing on the Rim Trail going back to the Nevada side, that I began to wonder, "When do you know if you blog too much, and see a good blog in the happenings around you?" I was much relieved to find out the answer, I don't blog too much, because if I did I would have taken a picture of the man who had gone behind a not to hidden tree to pee. He was right off the trail in plain sight! I soo wanted to stop and take a picture for my blog, but better judgment came through. So now you just get to see boring pictures of me and Steve.
The weather started turning on Sunday, it started to rain in the afternoon and continued on through Monday. When we hopped on the Gondola down by the lake to ride up the mountain is was raining. It turned to snow half way up the ride. It was snowing pretty good but it was a really wet snow. Visibility was pretty low and our goggles would get frozen spots from the snow hitting the goggles then melting then freezing. It was not fun, the ride up the lifts was windy and cold, so after three runs I was finished. By the time I skied back to the gondola and got down the mountain I was pretty wet, but the lodge was nice and dry and the fire was warm.
It was still a fun time and finished it off with dinner at my sister's house in Elk Grove. Thanks Kathryn. (If you double click on the pictures, you can really see the snow coming down)

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

At Mt. Rushmore

Devils Tower Wyoming