Monday, September 22, 2008

Falling into sewing....

From this ......I wanted a table runner to go with my fall decor but couldn't find anything I liked. I was at my friends, Rebecca Sorenson, and of course she had one that she had quilted. She got me started on the right tract and I spent the week making one. It was fun sewing again, I just don't like lugging out the sewing machine from the closet. But the finished project turned out pretty good. I happy with it. Now I just have to get into the fall spirit (it is kind of hard when it is still warm out. Hopefully on our trip to Nauvoo and various church history sites this week, the weather will be cool.
To this

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yosemite through anothers eyes....

It is always good when we can get to Yosemite anytime during the year. We were able to go last Monday for the day. We had the sister missionaries for dinner about three weeks ago and in talking with them they had never seen Yosemite. Steve just couldn't stand for this, so he told them we would take them. Their P-Day was Monday and we picked them up at 6:30 a.m. (not so early for them, but it was early for me). It is so fun to see the reaction of people when they first see "our favorite place on earth". We went up to Glacier Point first. Of course the view, as always, was perfect. They really like it, then it was down to the valley. Unfortunately there wasn't much water in the falls, zero in Yosemite, a trickle in Bridalveil. We took the shuttle up to Happy Isles and walked around a bit, pointed out the rock fall, how the big flood had washed out the bridges and such. We walked back along the river and had a snack, then walked over to the Ahwahnee, it is such a beautiful old hotel. They both wanted to come back and stay there. We had lunch in the village enjoying the outdoors and people watching. I don't think anyone went by without the sister saying hi to.
They had to be home by 5:45 so capped off the day with a stop at El Cap meadow, they were so impressed that we could pick out the climbers on the wall. It was a wonderful day, thanks Sister Needs and Sister Dreschell.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scott's turning 21!
Here are 21 reasons why we love Scott

1. What's not to love ................ 2.He's cute

4.Looked good in a bathing suite 5.A great goalie

6.Liked soccer..................... 7. He used to smile

8.Loved baseball....................... 9.Had fun everywhere

10. Looks great in a tux......... 11. Liked going to church

12. Liked hiking with his brother......13. Loved Yosemite

14. Liked fishing with 15. Kind of liked piano lessons
his brother-in-law

16. Likes Lake Powell............17. Wanted to be a missionary

18. Still a great kicker......19. An example to all on the team

20. He loves life.....................21. He loves Brazil
Scott turns 21 on Sunday, I know he would love to hear from you, send him a birthday greeting he reads his mail on Monday, his P-Day.

What time is it?
As my kids all know, it was time for annual grape picking service at the Lord's vineyard on Saturday. For those of you who don't know, here in the central valley the church owns raisin vineyards, and it is up the members to work at the farm. That means pruning in January, picking in September. It is always hot, hot, hot. This year we had six long rows to do, that was our wards assignment. A row is about three hundred yards long, that's roughly three football fields. We started at 7:00 in the morning and finished around 12:30, it was only 101 on Saturday. You cut the grapes and fill up you pan, then lay them out on the grape paper trays. It seems like you are never going finish, but as the morning wears on more ward member show up to help. There were tons of grapes this year, the trays were right next to each other, side by side. In about four weeks we go out again and roll up the now dried grape trays (raisins) and toss them in the tractor that goes down the row in front of you. It is way more fun than watching your kids play soccer on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun in Mammoth
This past Labor Day weekend we spent four beautiful days up in Mammoth. Most of the family was there, only Kent and Scot were missing, even Ryan with his pigeon flu (see Kelli blog for that story) managed to be there. He couldn't miss out on the golfing with the men. We had a grea time hiking and fishing and playing. It is always a good way to end this summer. The weather was perfect with it cooling down each day, Sunday was really windy all day and by Monday it was darn right cold. I forgot my camera so go to the other family members blogs to see the real pictures.

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

At Mt. Rushmore

Devils Tower Wyoming