Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it has been awhile...

I haven't been so busy that I didn't have time to update, I just haven't made the time. Steve always says that you can make the time to do what is most important to you. Guess this wasn't it. But we have been busy nonetheless.
In February we went to Lake Tahoe to ski, and up to Utah to see our grandson, Derek, baptised. In March we went to Disneyland with Kent & Stephanie and grandkids, we came home and went ski again to Tahoe. In April to celebrate our 36 years of marriage we went to Hawaii, the big island. In May we welcomed 3 new grandkids into our family, Porter, Lyla and Scarlet, thanks to Craig & Nicole.

In June we move back out to the country and then four days later leave for Italy and Switzerland for 3 weeks. See you soon!

Halemaumau Crater

Hiking thru a lava bed crater,

Above the clouds on the road up to Mauna Kea,

Elevation 13,796

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

At Mt. Rushmore

Devils Tower Wyoming