Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happiness in Hilton Head

We had a great time last week in Hilton Head South Carolina. We went because we have always heard about Hilton Head and now seemed like a great time to go. We had a great time and it is a fun place to go if you like golf and the beach.

Our first day at Hilton Head was of course golfing. We golfed at Royal Plantation, it had trees everywhere. Pines and big oak trees lined the course with moss hanging down from the trees. You had to watch out where the ball landed. Craig was the only one willing to get close to the alligator. We rode bikes on the beach, the tide was coming in on the way back so we had to ride fast. Craig and Nicole left for Minnesota after four days, so we took them to Savannah and spent the day touring the city. I fell in love with Savannah! It is a beautiful old city, the only city that General Sherman didn't burn in Georgia during the Civil War. It has beautiful old houses and fountains and we had lunch in an old cotton warehouse turned into a restaurant on the water front. The streets are still paved with cobblestones and bricks.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Three Cups of Tea

Book Club read for November

I just finished having book club here, it is always insightful and interesting to see if anyone likes the book that you have picked. It is also a great excuse to try out new recipes on my friends.
Everyone liked the book and the food. I liked this book because it makes you realize that, yes, one person can make a difference. That if anyone put their heart and soul into working for a cause that they truly loved, you can make a change. After reading this book I wanted to find someone/something I could do to help make this world a little better place, still looking for that.If you are looking for a good book, give it a try, the writing isn't the best but the story is great, it makes you think.
I also made up these little tiles, with help from my niece Joy( to pass out to a ladies who were there.

Whenever I think of this saying, I remember my dad singing this song, usually on Sunday afternoon when I was laying around doing nothing, trying to sleep before church again in the afternoon (yes I'm that old) I hated it. Now I sing it in my mind all the time, darn those parents.

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

At Mt. Rushmore

Devils Tower Wyoming