Monday, November 3, 2008

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

Three Cups of Tea

Book Club read for November

I just finished having book club here, it is always insightful and interesting to see if anyone likes the book that you have picked. It is also a great excuse to try out new recipes on my friends.
Everyone liked the book and the food. I liked this book because it makes you realize that, yes, one person can make a difference. That if anyone put their heart and soul into working for a cause that they truly loved, you can make a change. After reading this book I wanted to find someone/something I could do to help make this world a little better place, still looking for that.If you are looking for a good book, give it a try, the writing isn't the best but the story is great, it makes you think.
I also made up these little tiles, with help from my niece Joy( to pass out to a ladies who were there.

Whenever I think of this saying, I remember my dad singing this song, usually on Sunday afternoon when I was laying around doing nothing, trying to sleep before church again in the afternoon (yes I'm that old) I hated it. Now I sing it in my mind all the time, darn those parents.


Grandmother Fairy said...

Thank you for a wonderful morning, and an uplifting read!

Nicole Saunders said...

Hey, how does one get into this bookclub anyway? Do you pledge or something?

donnam said...

I am so sorry I can't come to book club anymore. I loved the book you chose. Amazing what one man can accomplish with just a desire to make a child's life better.

Scrapally said...

Loved the book, loved the food, loved the discussion and loved the tile! THANK YOU!! The McKinney Clan is a really good cause if you need a place to make donations...ha ha :) thanks again!

Kristi said...

Thank you Linda! I loved the book and of course the food was yummy too! I especially LOVE the reminder you sent home with us....I've got it hanging where we can see it daily and it can give us a little nudge to make a difference wherever we are. :)

kelly said...

It's on my to read list! I love the tile, you have the best and most inspirational decor.

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