Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zion.....We've Arrived.....Finally
So once we finally filled up the car in Cedar City we were off to Zion, the National Park. Steve had wanted to go there in the winter for some time and this seemed like to perfect time. Utah was in between winter storms and so off we went. It was beautiful with snow on the mountain tops and even some in the valley. We did three little hikes and each was different. One was pretty muddy hiking to a little water fall, once was snow covered hiking along the river to where the Narrows starts and on the last one we were shedding jackets. Steve gave me a new camera for Christmas (Nikon D90) so I took about 200 pictures learning the new settings. I finally figured out the timer so I could set it and run and get in the picture, pretty good for setting it on a rock and laying on the ground to see if everything was in the picture. Steve does pay attention though, for my birthday a week later he gave me a tripod and a camera back pack, now I can be like Craig. I have edited down the pictures to about 50. Enjoy (if I can figure how to do a slide show).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

When does "E" really mean empty?

We went up to Utah this past weekend to go through the temple with our daughter-in-law. It was a cold, snowy day but the feeling inside was warm and beautiful. It was good to look across the isle and see Steve and Scott sitting together, and to be with Kelli and Kathryn (my sister). Megan had a wonderful experience and was alternating between crying and smiling the whole day. It was truly a heavenly experience.
Steve decided to head to Zion National Park on the way home. He has this little "quirk" to not stop for gas until he absolutely has to. But driving a rental car, you don't always know what that "E" really means. We we 1/2 miles from Cedar City, the sign was right in front of us, when we ran out of gas. Steve looks at me and says,"What do we do now?" I said it looks like you are getting out and walking. So he did and I sat in the car and waited. The view out the window was none to pretty, and those semi's go by pretty fast. But Steve was in luck, a good Samaritan stopped and picked him up. He even took him to his house to get a gas can that was full of gas. It only took 40 minutes out of our day. Now Steve has to it "pay forward".

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

At Mt. Rushmore

Devils Tower Wyoming