Thursday, February 19, 2009

When does "E" really mean empty?

We went up to Utah this past weekend to go through the temple with our daughter-in-law. It was a cold, snowy day but the feeling inside was warm and beautiful. It was good to look across the isle and see Steve and Scott sitting together, and to be with Kelli and Kathryn (my sister). Megan had a wonderful experience and was alternating between crying and smiling the whole day. It was truly a heavenly experience.
Steve decided to head to Zion National Park on the way home. He has this little "quirk" to not stop for gas until he absolutely has to. But driving a rental car, you don't always know what that "E" really means. We we 1/2 miles from Cedar City, the sign was right in front of us, when we ran out of gas. Steve looks at me and says,"What do we do now?" I said it looks like you are getting out and walking. So he did and I sat in the car and waited. The view out the window was none to pretty, and those semi's go by pretty fast. But Steve was in luck, a good Samaritan stopped and picked him up. He even took him to his house to get a gas can that was full of gas. It only took 40 minutes out of our day. Now Steve has to it "pay forward".


Nicole Saunders said...

Craig and I have had a close call or two because of that little inherited "quirk." You're lucky it was daytime and not dark outside, young lady! Just stop and get the darn gas already!

Stephanie Saunders said...

I really did try to muster up some sympathy for you, but it just wouldn't come. STEVE'S quirk? You're just as bad! Never again will I let you talk me into driving 40 miles after the light goes on. With crying kids in the back seat.

Grandmotherfairy said...

Glad you made it home....David like to see how far he can get before we get gas also...not me...I stop whenever I hit 1/2 never know what might happen...I know, I'm not adventurous at all...maybe if I had wings....:)

kelly said...

I hope you had a good book or something to pass the time. I always wonder how long I could really go but am too chicken to really try it out. I do however wait till it gets on E and rarely does the gas light go on.

Crystal said...

You should totally call my dad and ask him how many times he has done that. I think that was a common occurrence growing up. I think I have a fear of running out of gas now, because I rarely let my light go on.

Zan said...

I'm so happy for Jack and Megan! Are they still our neighbors here in Orem?! We need to go visit them!
That gas story is so funny! Do you remember the Dune Buggy?! The gas gauge didnt'work, so I would have to shake the whole car back and forth to see if I could hear any gas sloshing around in there. :-)

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