Saturday, July 19, 2008

Road Trip to Vegas

Road Trip!
As any one who had ever driven east from L.A. can guess where we went. Craig has a room mate from college, Mark Fernandez, who lives in Las Vegas and needed some accounting help so we went and made a fun 24 hour trip. We left Friday around 10:00 and came back home Saturday after they helped Mark. Las Vegas is not one of my most favorite places to go, in fact I really dislike having to spend any time there, but I figured since we were going we ight as well make the best of it.

Nicole had never seen Phantom of the Opera so I was able to get tickets for Friday night. It was quite production. The theather is in the Venetian Hotel and was built to look like the inside of an Opera House, it is really convincing. We had a fun evening after the play walking through the hotel where they have made the shops look like you are strolling down a street in Venice Itay complete with water and gondolers .

How many of you have ever seem this sign drving into Baker?
I have been seeing it for years and years since I was a kid always wondering what a Greek Gyro is. Well, I finally got to stop and find out. I told Steve we were stopping in Baker there for lunch, he put up a bit of a fuss of course, it wasn't the usual grap and go get back on the road fast food.
Let me tell you, it was delicious!I'm still full. And the strawberry shake was great too. So next time you stop, make it Baker (where the worlds tallest theometer is), and get the gyros, you really can't eat it in the car they are so full.

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kathryn said...

Good to know...we love gyros! Too bad we never drive that road anymore! I bet Nicole loved is it possible that she has never seen it?!

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