Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scott is off to college.........
This past week we headed up to Utah to take Scott to BYU. First we had to get him a car, and after numerous trips to just about every car dealer in Salt Lake, he finally is the proud owner of a new 2009 Ford Fusion sedan. It is all wheel drive for the snowy Utah roads and has all kinds of electronic stuff inside. He was up the next morning, in 10 degree weather, trying out all the gagets it came with. It was with bittersweet emotions that we dropped his belongings off at his new apartment, he has only been home about 2 1/2 months and he is off to start life as a college student. I thought I was the only one sad about it but it seems that Derek thought that Scott was going to be living with them while he went to school, when Scott got ready to leave Kelli's, Derek was quite upset that Scott was going, he was really excited about the having his uncle living with them, he was even willing to give up his room for Scott. Kelli had to promise a trip down to Provo to see Scott's apt. and BYU.
It sure was quiet when Steve and I got home. After having Stephanie and the two boys here for two weeks, Kelli and her two boys for a week and then Jack & Megan & Cali here for three weeks I was ready for the quiet. Steve wanted to drive home from Utah via Kent's palce in Washington, I vetoed that idea. He is ready for a trip somewhere, anywhere. I'm still putting away Christmas, it sure seemd to pass by fast.
I'm finally getting over the cold I've have for four weeks and feeling like crap. I still sound like someone who smoked five packs a day, hopefuly that will end soon too.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the new year. My word(s) for the new year is "follower of Christ". I think I can do a better job in all aspects of my life in living more how I know I should.


Robin said...

I can't believe it's been that long since he came home !! What a nice car !! What is he studying? Now you are empty-nesters for sure !!

Grandmother Fairy said...

Now you really are "empty nesters" with the baby birds flying home occasionally...bitter-sweet is the right word!!!

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