Friday, August 15, 2008

It all about the clothes!

even at a young age
I volunteered to make the blessing dress for Cali, Megan & Jack baby, I then I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I went surfing on the e-net to look for different dresses thinking I might be able to buy a cute one instead. But all the dresses I liked wre $150 and up. So I made up my own. I think it came out pretty good, looks better in person. You can see it on Cali next week, that's when she will be blesses. Check out their blog after Sunday, Aug24. I'm just adding a satin ribbon for a tie in the back just in case it is too big.


kathryn said...

So cute! You're amazing!

kelly said...

I love it! It is simple and beautiful. I really like the sleeves.

nutmegsaunders said...

I love it so much :) It's better than any other blessing dress you can buy.

Kristi said...

oh-h-h-h.....It turned out BEAUTIFUL!

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