Monday, August 25, 2008

On the road to Education

After being gone for nine days I' m finally home. My brain is full of information yet to be categorized. On our way to Education Week, we made a stop at Great Basin National Park. We went up to Wheeler Peak campground, who would have thought there would be a beautiful forest in the middle of Nevada. We also went through Leeman caves at the park. It would be a great stop for anyone driving through the middle of Nevada.

Fun at Education Week

This year education week was a bit different, we all stayed in the dorms, the price was great, $100 for the week. But the wierd part was we stayed in the womens dorms and the men stayed in the mens dorms. I stayed with Terry and Paula was in the room next to us. We all went to different classes, I had some with Kelli, one with Paula, some with Steve, some with my friend Terry and some by myself. This year I think I set a record for me, seven classes in one day. Steve beat me with 8 classes everyday. I would have lunch during the 3:10-4:05 class. I started the day at 8:30 going to a different class each day. Finally found one I liked on Thursday. I think my favorite class was on The Infinite Atonement. It was great.
Now that I'm home I have to start putting into practice all the things I've learned, the really hard part. After all, what's the point of going to get "educated" and just coming home with a notebook full of notes?

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kathryn said...

I thought it was so you could make comments in Sunday School starting with, "Well, when I was at Education Week, I learned..." and sound all smart! I'm gonna plan better next year so I can go. I missed being there with you guys.

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