Sunday, June 21, 2009


Back to the Mother Country

It is hard to imagine why anyone would leave Switzerland. But my grandfather did in 1918, he didn't have a great life there. His mother was a widow with two small children she couldn't support so my grandfather was put in an orphanage at age 8 and was there until his mother remarried, age 10. He wanted to be an architect and there were only old buildings in Switzerland (I love the old buildings)so he left and came to America by way of Ellis Island.
Steve & I are so blessed to be able to travel. We love going to Switzerland and renting a little apt. and living there for 2 weeks. At night when we came home from a day of hiking in the beautiful Alps, the dairyman would be driving his cows down the middle of the village main street after milking. We had to dodge fresh cow poop, but somehow we didn't mind. Everyday we would pick a new place to hike and everyday the views were breathtaking. Paris was wonderful, but Switzerland is all Gods work. I wish you could all see the beautiful views we saw everyday. I wish my grandfather was alive so I could share with him the love he had for his beautiful country. I still have the music box he brought back from his trip there when I was around 10. We rode the trains, buses and boats and had a wonderful time, I love how the Swiss people put the dates on their houses of when they were built. The house in front of the one we stayed at was build in 1766, and it is beautiful. Our apt was on the 2nd floor of the home of the Bruggers, a lovely older couple who spoke very little English but willing to help any way they could. It is good to be back, but I we are thinking how soon we can get back.


Scrapally said...

We should just call you Heidi! Love the pics...I think I might like a visit to Switzerland!

Robin said...

What beautiful views!! But you cannot move there, cuz I said !!! lol

Crystal said...

So fun! Switzerland and Austria remind of fairy tales. The little villages are just so quaint! Looks like you two had a great time!(How could you not?!)

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