Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Beans in Beantown
We just got home from being in Boston for a week and I didn't have any beans, but I did have a Boston cream donut. There are Dunkin Donut stores on every corner,really, every corner. I have never seen so many in one city. Didn't find out why it is called beantown until the end of the week.
I had the great idea not to rent a car while we were there so we took the "T" (Bostonian for the subway train) everywhere. It was an adventure and very fun. I recommend it to anyone going to Boston. They have a 1 week ticket for $15 that gives you unlimited riding on the "T" and the buses. We walked all over too, walked the Freedom Trail, saw Fenway Park, took the "Duck tour", went to the museum on a rainy day, walked around Beacon Hill, visited Paul Reever's grave & house, and many more historic site from before the Revolutionary War. I loved it. Boston is a great city to visit, you should go there sometime.
Our room is in the building with the clock tower, pointed at the top, on the 14th floor.
Walking through the Beacon Hill neighborhood, it was old and lovely

The harbor view from our room "Make way for ducklings"- the book based on a real incident in Boston. Love these bronze ducks
We went to Fenway Park and took the tour
Steve can always find an old ship to tour, a battleship from WWII

Our tour on the Charles river.


Stephanie Saunders said...

You guys look like you had a good time! The east coast is so nice to go to for history stuff.

Scrapally said...

We went to Boston once but it was a quick business trip and we didn't get to see too much...I would love to go see all the historic stuff. Looks like a great trip! Great pictures too...thanks for sharing!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Once are the queen of travel. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the little bronze ducks...they reminded me of stopping traffic on Armstrong to get a family of ducks across...

Lady Linda said...

Did you get any leaf peeping done? said...

Wow! So lovely photos! I love hat duck with ducklings, they are awesome!

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