Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The count down continues....... 3 days to go
In only 3 days Scott will be home from Brazil.

In his last letter home , Scott gave a list of all the foods he hasn't eaten in 2 years, it looks like I'll be busy cooking for a while. But he couldn't just pin down one thing to have on Friday night, seems like I will have to decide. I hate that, just tell me what you want!


Kelli and Ryan said...

Don't forget to make Lemon-Jello Cake. Dispite how spouses feel, it's a Saunders favorite!

Gill Dockstader said...

Sooo excited for you guys! I can't believe it's been two years!

Kent Saunders said...

Cooking, doesn't he have a maid on his mission. I just gave my maid 3 dollars for the day and along with my request for breakfast and lunch.

nutmegsaunders said...

It's crazy that he's almost home. I told Jack he needs to call, but we'll see. Just wanted to let you know we're working so hard on having Cali go to people, but it seems like she's getting worse BUT maybe she's old enough to know who family is now! Can't wait to see the whole family in a month

Jack said...

Just make all the food he wants. Make it huge buffet style dinner cause he needs to fatten up a little

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