Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall tripping

Somewhere in time....walking through history

We started out in Springfield Illinois, land of Lincoln. We went to the Lincoln museum, the Old State house, Lincoln's law office, Lincoln's house, Lincoln's church, Lincoln's tomb. It was great.
After going through everything, I had such a feeling of compassion for all the things this wonderful man suffered. It was a look into history, to understand who this man was. The Museum was wonderful, as was everything Lincoln we saw that day. We were only there one day so we saw as much as we could.

Next stop was Carthage Illinois. It was very sobering to be here, where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed.

We spent two and 1/2 days in Nauvoo. We went to the temple and visited all the spots

Next up was a drive across Iowa to Winter Quarters Nebraska, Council Bluffs Iowa. It took us just 5 hours, the saints 4 months.

On to Missouri, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West, Haun's Mill,Liberty Jail & Independence.

I can't begin to write about everything we saw, it was sometimes funny, sometimes sobering, sometimes moving us to tears. It was a trip that made you think about all you have been blessed with because of the suffering and perseverance of others. Because of others willingness to follow and obey, give up the luxuries they enjoyed, I am here, where I am today because of them. It makes me think, what am I willing to give up, to do without, to suffer because of the things I believe in.

The last day we didn't fly out until 3:00, so we went to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The ride to the top was like a ride a Disneyland. You sat in little pods that titled with the arch. There are windows at the very top. It is one of those things you have to do, but don't really want to. When you look out the windows at the top, you are looking straight down, it was a really eary feeling. We didn't stay up there too long. I kept thinking that the arch was going to fall over, how does that things stay up?


Grandmother Fairy said...

I sounds like it was wonderful!!!

kathryn said...

Awesome pics! Wow that looks like a great trip. Do I see Teri in there? Always fun with her!

Scrapally said...

What a wonderful trip! Wish I could have tagged along! Thanks for playing the organ for me this coming Sunday. :) I'm off to Atlanta!!!

Nicole Saunders said...

I saw your title and wondered- Hmm, is she more clumsy this time of year or something?
Looks like another fun and exciting adventure!

Taylor wants to ride in the truch

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